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About the Financial Side of Pharmacy

A Unique Process, Designed Just For Pharmacists

A Unique Process, Designed Just For Pharmacists

After working with hundreds of pharmacists over the last decade, we have designed a financial process tailored around the successes, struggles, and blind spots that pharmacists face over their careers.

1)  Our process begins around student loans (unless you are one of the few without them).*

2)  We then teach a money management system to balance saving, spending, and paying debt.

3)  After that, we create wealth building and wealth protection strategies to help your money grow, and protect it against the threats pharmacists face over their lifetimes.

4)  Lastly, we set 3-6 month objectives to make sure your finances stay on track in order to help our clients accomplish the things in life that are important to them.

*Guardian and its subsidiaries do not issue or advise with regard to student loans.

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