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About the Financial Side of Medicine

Helping physicians operate efficiently from residency through retirement

Helping physicians operate efficiently from residency through retirement

As a physician, time is everything, which means efficiency is key.  Many physicians let inefficiency creep into their finances, because it is masked by being too busy, and making a good income.  Without a process, most never find out until it's too late.

Our process was designed to automate your personal finances, allowing you to focus on what you enjoy and do best - medicine, family, etc.

1)  Whether you like it or not, as a physician, you may have a target on your back.  The first step is protecting your skills, knowledge, expertise, and the investment you have made in yourself.

2)  Next we focus on developing a system to recapture dollars often being hemorrhaged out of a main checking account, allowing you to save more money and attack debt more aggressively without sacrificing your lifestyle.

3)  Then we organize a wealth building plan to give you the confidence to know you are saving the right of money, into the right buckets, while mitigating the long-term pressure of taxes, and growing money most efficiently.

4)  Finally, we set a system in motion and track our progress in 3-6 month intervals, just like a science experiment.

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